Artist’s Statement

As a young child growing up in Nebraska, watching cloud formations was a favorite diversion from reality. The constant change of composition was both spiritually intriguing and fascinating. Formations were abundant and imagination unlimited. This developed my sensory awareness and although I did not have the time or the opportunity to actively pursue my desire to place my perceptions on canvas, this intense interest persisted. I have since graduated to “cave wall paintings.”

There is an ethereal aspect to this transition. As a result, painting cave walls has resulted in various tangible representations. My paintings are also goal oriented and have included “The Life of Christ,” family portraits and eclectic variations.

I consider my Mother my first muse. She had a sensitive nature and a philosophy of life that enriched by spirituality. She worked from the premise of an Indian prayer, “Grant that I may not criticize my neighbor until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.”

My second muse is Fleta Monaghan with whom I have studied since origination of my art classes. Her positive, supportive nature and artistic ability is a gift to anyone who has the opportunity to be in her presence.

Although I have only been drawing and painting for slightly over eight years, I am finally fulfilling my life long dream. My paintings generally have spiritual overtones. I appreciate the combination of realism, abstraction and insinuation of a story.

My “The Life Christ” oil on canvas painting is hanging at The First Presbyterian Church in Asheville, North Carolina.

Several of my paintings have been replicated in card format and selectively original verses written and added where appropriate.

Betty J. McClung