As a native of St. Petersburg, Florida, and a twenty six year resident of the mountains of Western North Carolina, I am influenced by personalities, emotions, images and colors associated with these locales. Each venue is both distinctive and various in character, and each is different from the other in environment, flora, fauna, and weather.

Having made art since childhood, I have, over the years, developed highly personal perceptions and highly personalized techniques. Applying all I’ve learned, I seek to project authentic intimate interpretations of the world as I encounter it, coast and mountain, past and present.

My work is abstract with landscape being my usual stepping-off point. While imagery and color are my preoccupations, I am enthralled with technique and find personally-adapted cold wax methods especially challenging and exciting. To a remarkable extent, the cold wax technique is or can be a concrete example of the oft-heard claim that the medium is the message. Accretion of color and form inspire and exhilarate me. I lose myself in pursuit of that which seeks disclosure.