My work incorporates architectural form and detail as a scaffolding for exploration of the formal aspects of shape, color,texture and composition. I seek to integrate the perceptual experience and effect an intuitive response both harmonious and compelling.

Inspired by the artistic tradition, my work reflects the influence of masters including Van Gogh, Degas, Matisse and Bonnard; also Diebenkorn and Fairfield Porter.

My primary media are drawing, painting and collage. I have also worked in printmaking, ceramics and photography. I employ palette knife technique and technology as well as brushwork, pointed pen and text on paper and on traditional substrates.

At times I work in series such as Windows&Doors, and Crossroads:Modern Landscapes. I also pursue unique subjects as they evolve (present themselves).


I am a native of New York with a Masters in Fine Arts as well as an art educator. I use observation supplemented by drawing and photography as studies to further development.

My practice seeks to evolve a dynamic of clarity and balance within the artist and the viewer.