Formal training has brought its rewards, but self-exploration has produced the greatest results. By taking all of the insights that my teachers have taught me, I have been able to merge these insights to create my own artistic style, or styles. Experimental art has always fascinated me. I use a variety of different mediums, cold wax, encaustic, oil, monotype and intaglio printmaking, and ink drawing. I stretch the limits of the mediums at times to ‘push’ the limit of what the medium can do to convey the ethereal, atmospheric landscape that I love. Basically, I try to find the ‘right’ way to capture a moment and convey it visually to my audience.

Art can be created within the mind, or it can reflect the deepest emotion of the artist. My work encompasses both aspects. All of my paintings start with an idea, a direction, or a purpose, but once fully engaged, the medium takes over, and it is the innermost emotion that emerges. Every painting is a reflection of my personal experience, my observations of life, and my concerns for the future of humanity and the changing landscape. At times, I feel as if I am a visual translator, communicating what the atmosphere is, what a passing spirit is, and explaining the things we should see, but miss along the way.

Gina Louthian-Stanley is a teacher, jewelry maker, printmaker, workshop instructor, and writer living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Her work can be seen at Market Gallery in Roanoke, VA., Matrix Gallery in Blacksburg, VA., 310 Art Gallery in Asheville, N.C., and at her home studio by appointment. Gina has also been published in a number of magazines and books. A full resume is available on her website.