I call the display of my works “reflections” as opposed to “expressions” – albeit the latter are certainly reflections as well, along with everything we perceive with our senses.
I don’t consider myself a photographer, though I photograph: I take pictures of my subjects to supplement my poems, which I lament as something severely handicapped. I attribute this to the fact that English is not my native language, but – excuses, excuses…
I don’t use any special angles or light of special tweaking – the little maneuvers that might bring my photos into the realm of “real art” – on purpose: I want my camera to reflect what is seen by ordinary eyes, rather than what’s transformed and expressed through artistic vision.
Everything around us is so majestic, so full of life, throbbing with incredible forces, singing and communicating – just look and listen, touch and feel.
The fiber works are studies: I work a lot with fabrics that are thought to enhance human self-expression as well as those having a strictly utilitarian function. In these studies I am trying to collaborate with the by-products of plants, insects and animals to reflect a glimpse of their etheric world.
I might not have the gift of gifts, but for what I am given – little bits and pieces – I am eternally grateful.
For any help I’ve gotten I feel limitless gratitude.
For the love that surrounds me I have no words, as this is my life source and essence.

An award winning artist Natasha Guruleva was born in Vladivostok, Russia, where she was well known as a journalist and broadcaster.
Now she lives in New York. Her portfolio includes books of fairytales and poetry, songs, photography, independent films, theatrical and dance costumes, fiber artworks and sculpture. Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and are included in museum, corporate and private collections.