I'm a multi-faceted expressive artist. I work in ink, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, oil, and various combinations of them.  I express visions I see in my mind's eye as in the golden aura surrounding the businessman at his desk in the oil "Essence of Ismael." I express my feelings visually as in the oil "Emerald Joy" which expresses ecstasy as depicted by the perfectly balanced (I feel emerald green as the color of balance.) pose of the ballerina lifted high on one hand of her partner in a burst of white light. I express the beauty of subjects in nature as in the oil "Florida Sunset" with its patchwork quilt sky of dusty purple clouds, coral, pink, and gold rays from a white/yellow sun, and a patch of blue sky with white, gray, and pink clouds. I express the personalities of my pet and human subjects especially through their eyes as in the ink/acrylic mini-portraits of the dogs "Reilley and Madison" and the man in the oil "Essence of Ismael."


Seventeen of my paintings were exhibited at Eye to Eye's "Art Gala Event" in Park Slope, NY. My oils "The Rose" and "Graham Dancer" were featured in the show "Silk, Clay, and Paint" in Upper Arlington, OH. My oil "Vermont State Capitol" won a ribbon at the Lindenhurst Library Art Show/Competition in Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY. My booth "Mostly Miniatures" is regularly featured in the Park Avenue and Tudor City Outdoor Art Shows in New York, NY. I have shown in group shows at the Hudson Guild Gallery, the Toad Lane Gallery, the Lafayette Grill, and the Ear Inn in New York, NY.