My artwork expresses my fascination with the mysteries, rhythms, energies and patterns of the natural world around and within us. It communicates a wide range of poetic images and feelings from deep and mysterious, to serene, to light and whimsical, to bold, lush, vibrant, and pulsating. In my paintings, I work in oil, gouache, or watercolor, and in my prints I work in both oil and water based inks, to suit the desired mood or moment I wish to capture with immediacy. My technique combines the best features of abstraction with organic representational imagery, conveying the beauty. fragility and strength of our special human place within the larger, everchanging, evolving cosmos. Themes include landscapes, botanicals, still lifes, and animals. Through light, color and composition, I explore these subjects, sharing a spiritual/sensual voyage. I find inspiration in my passion for nature, and numerous worldwide travels.


I exhibit extensively in both solo and group shows in museums and galleries in the United States, most recently participating in "Matters of the Heart" travelling show, Fordham University in Westchester, NY, "Drawn" at the Standard House Gallery, Peekskill, NY, "120th Annual Art Show of NAWA", Salmagundi Art Club, NYC, and "Seasonal Shift", Ridegfield Guild of Artists, Ridgefield, CT. I maintain memberships at such prestigious art organizations as The Penn and Brush Club, National Association of Women Artists, Katonah Museum Artists' Association, Women in the Arts Foundation and New York Artists Equity Association. I earned a BA with Honors in Fine Arts from Brandeis University, receiving a special departmental first prize award in painting, and a MA in Art Education from New York University. An inveterate world traveller, I have been inspired by numerous global voyages, as well as my love of nature. These give me constant renewal, taking my art to new heights.