310 ART and River’s Edge Studio
at Riverview Station North
191 Lyman Street, #310, Asheville, NC
828-776-2716, www.fletamonaghan.com

Fleta Monaghan is a lifelong painter. She is the founder and director of River’s Edge Studio, a visual arts learning center for adults. Classes in Oils, Acrylics, Drawing Watercolor, Encaustic and Special Topics are offered year round for all levels from beginning to advanced studios. Monaghan teaches advanced color theory and composition to aspiring painters and advises professional artists in critiques and materials.

In 2009 Monaghan founded 310 ART Gallery. Her work and the original work of 20 artists can be seen at the gallery.

“I grew up by the Gulf of Mexico, in a Florida wetlands area. The lakes and muck, and trees and tropical flora teemed with animal life of all kinds. There was constant change and movement. The life cycled was always present and visible, succulent and dense. I was outside, in the water most days, living with the fish, turtles, insects, water birds and the alligators too! It was a magical and intense experience that has influenced my visual senses always. I moved to the mountains of WNC in 1981. This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and now the images of mountain skyline merges with my memories of the Gulf and wetlands as I paint.

The visible landscape is always a reference point, giving me grounding. Color adds expression to emotion and spiritual experience. I paint the landscape on location, and from memory in the studio, abstracting the colors and elements as my imagination dictates. I have been drawn to the circular shape for many years, and I wonder if this might refer to the natural cycles of the earth, and of birth, death and then rebirth. These thoughts and observances have been at the core of my thinking as this series of paintings evolves. Recent work has focused on the visual concepts of landforms, water and space.” fleta@fletamonaghan.com